Reset Brother Printer

Steps to Reset Brother Printer to Default Settings

Restart Brother Printer when you want to resolve technical errors of your printer all at once. After resetting the Brother Printer to its factory settings, it becomes more reliable and faster. As a result, the output is always satisfactory. To reset the printer, you need to follow simple steps.

In addition, we have given the printer resetting steps on different types of Brother Printers, such as – Button-Only, Muti-Button1, Muti-Button2, and touchscreen printers.

Restart Brother Printer Using Default Setting

Reset Brother Printer to Default setting on 4 different types of printer.

1. Reset Button Only Printer 

  • First of all, remove the power cables from its back.
  • Next, hit the “Power” button/option to power off the printer.
  • After that, keep pressing the “Go” button for a few seconds.
  • Again, press the “Power” button to turn on the printer while keeping the “Go” button pressed.
  • Apart from this, keep pressing the “Go” button until you see LEDs and the toner light flashing.
  • After this, release the “Go” button when the LEDs go off.
  • Again, press the “Go” button around 9-10 times.

2. Factory Reset For Multi-Button Printer

To Reset Brother Printer to the Default setting, below you can see the steps for the Multi-Button printer.

  • In the beginning, remove cables from the printer.
  • Next, you can use the arrow keys to the “Reset” menu.
  • Now, press the “OK” button.
  • Again, use the arrow keys to navigate the network.
  • Choose “YES” through the up arrow key to let the printer restart automatically.
  • Hereafter, go to the “Reset” menu using the arrow keys after the printer is on. Also, Press “OK” to proceed further.
  • After that, press the “OK” button when the “Restart” message is displayed on the screen.
  • Once you follow the above step, the Brother printer will restart automatically.
  • Again, use the arrow keys to access the “Reset” menu and click the “OK” option.
  • Press the arrow keys for factory reset.
  • Press the upward key, and your printer will be reset.

3. Brother Printer Multi-Button 2 Resetting

Steps to follow for Multi-Buttin 2 resetting:-

  • Initially, remove the power cord from the back of your printer.
  • Next, use the arrow keys and then click “OK.”
  • Again, use the arrow keys to find “Reset” and tap OK.
  • Once you choose “Factory Reset,” press the “OK” button again.
  • Choose “Reset” by using the Up-arrow key.
  • At last, the printer will restart after pressing the UP arrow key.

4. Reset Brother Touchscreen Printer 

This is a “Factory Reset a Brother Printer” procedure with a touchscreen display.

  • Unplug the cables
  • Now, click on the “Settings” button.
  • Then, go to “All Settings”
  • Click “Initial Setup”
  • Here, choose “Reset”
  • Select “Factory Reset” or “All Settings.”
  • The printer will start rebooting.
  • Press and hold “Yes.”


Get in touch with Brother Printer Support if you have difficulty resetting the printer after following the above steps. Here, we have given the complete process of resetting for 4 types of Brother printers.