Replace Drum On Brother Printer

Replace Drum On Brother Printer in Quick Simple Steps

Replace drum on Brother Printer is an error displayed when the drum unit needs to be changed or replaced. The drum unit is useful for transferring or releasing toner on the paper from the toner cartridge. Brother users may need to replace the drum unit when it doesn’t work well. Let’s get more fascinating facts below regarding the same.

What is Replace Drum On Brother Printer?

The drum unit is an important part of your Brother printer as it makes the printer print texts & images on paper by releasing toner from the cartridge.

Sometimes, you may have to replace the printer’s drum unit for various reasons, such as boosting printer performance.

Moreover, it looks like a cylindrical material painted green and takes toner power from the cartridge to apply on paper. After which, documents are printed.

How To Replace Drum On Brother Printer?

To clear the “replace drum error” on the Brother printer, we have explained everything to your below. Carefully read all the steps and then follow them to fix the problem.

  • First of all, remove the front cover of your Brother printer.
  • After this, disengage the printer’s toner cartridge and drum unit assembly.
  • Pull the cartridge carefully and place it in the protected area or place.
  • Now, press the green lever available on the toner cartridge to lift the toner off the drum unit.
  • After that, you can replace the drum unit easily, and the toner is also installed back into place on the new drum unit.
  • Remove the packing of the new drum unit and insert them into the printer.
  • You can install the toner cartridge and the drum unit into your Brother printer.
  • Next, close the printer’s front cover after the drum unit’s successful installation.
  • Also, Drum LED should be off.

Why Does “Replace Drum On Brother” Appear?- Causes 

No need to worry if your Brother printer still shows the “Replace drum unit” message even after replacing the drum unit. You can fix this problem with the assistance of a few steps. But let’s first understand why the message is shown after changing the drum unit.

On some drum units and toner/ink cartridges, there comes a chip that makes the drum unit and toner cartridge to be recognized by the printer after that installation.

On the other hand, if the chip is unavailable, then the drum unit and toner can’t associate or communicate with the printer. Surely, this could be the main cause behind why you are receiving the “Replace Drum On Brother Printer” message.


Follow the steps on your printer

Sol 1.

  • Turn on the device and press “Clear.”
  • Then, press no.1.
  • Hopefully, you will see the “Accepted” message.

Sol 2.

  • Press the “Clear” option.
  • Now, press the “Upside” arrow.
  • The “Accepted” message will be shown on display.


We hope you understand everything related to replacing the Brother printer’s drum unit. Also, contact Brother Printer Support if the message is still showing up.