Brother Printer Won’t Turn On

How To Fix Brother Printer Won’t Turn On?

Indeed, Brother printers are best known for their matchless printing outputs that cater to every need of users. However, the error message “Brother printer won’t turn on” often displays on the screen leaving many users confused. Generally, this occurs due to corrupt printer drivers, damaged power chords, a loose connection of the printer with the PC, etc.

So, let’s check the solutions below to get rid of this problem with ease.

 Sol 1. Check/Update Brother Printer Drivers

If you are wondering why “my Brother printer won’t turn on”, it could be due to the missing or faulty printer drivers. If you have been using the same printer drivers for years then, definitely, your printer will start lagging behind the latest updates. As a consequence of this, the printer refuses to function well, and sometimes won’t turn on.

So, make sure the printer drivers are up-to-date, but if they are not, visit the Brother official website and download the latest drivers

To download the drivers, you need to submit the printer’s model number, name, and other required details.

In addition, install those drivers on your device once they are downloaded.

Hopefully, the problem will be gone if drivers are installed successfully and you will be able to print the documents.

Sol 2. Reboot Brother Printer

When the Brother printer keeps showing a “Won’t turn on” message on the screen even after updating drivers, restart your printer.

Moreover, the printer can go into sleep mode if it is not used for a long time after being turned on.

So, to fix this problem, you can turn off and on the device again to repair temporary technical glitches.

By pressing the power button of the printer, you can restart the printer and give it a fresh start. After which, it will easily be able to work on the print commands given by you.

 Sol 3. Take Your Printer Out Of Sleep Mode

The Brother printer can appear in sleep mode if it hasn’t been used for a period of time. So, check whether the printer is in sleep mode and follow the given steps to take it out of that sleep mode.

  • Firstly, go to your Brother printer.
  • Secondly, hit the “Menu” button.
  • Then after, choose “General Setup”.
  • Choose “Ecology”.
  • Now, choose “Sleep Time”.
  • Moreover, you have to enter the time during which you left the printer idle.
  • Then, hit the “Ok” button to move further.
  • Press the “Exit/Stop” key.

Furthermore, you can follow these quick steps if repair the printer’s sleep mode issue.

  • To begin with, press the “Start and Options” keys together.
  • After that, the LCD will show sleep mode “ON”.
  • Simply, turn off the sleep mode by using the UP & DOWN arrow keys.
  • Then, press the “Ok” key.
  • Finally “Stop/ Exit” key.

 Sol 4. Remove & Connect Power Cable Again

Due to a loose connection, the printer can fail to respond as a result, it shows a “Brother printer won’t turn on” issue. In addition, a faulty power outlet can also trigger this problem.

So, to fix this issue, disconnect and connect the power cable again to the printer. Surely, this will rectify both the power outlet and cable problems.

Hence, check the given steps to disconnect and connect the power chords again:

  • First, remove the power chord from the printer and power source.
  • Next, wait and let the printer as it is without power for a few seconds.
  • After a few seconds, connect the cable back to the printer and power source.
  • Now, hit the “Power” button to turn on your Brother printing device.
  • Hopefully, the printer will start functioning again after the above steps are followed successfully.

 Sol 5. Check Printer’s Power Cables

To fix the “my Brother printer won’t turn on” issue, check if the power cables are damaged. For the proper functioning of the printer, the cables must be in a good condition.

In case you find the cables connected to the printer are damaged, simply, consider replacing them with good ones.

Apart from this, the damaged power button can also be the cause behind the “Brother Printer won’t turn on” error.

If the power button is damaged, replace it as soon as you can.

Sol 6. Check Printer Cartridges

Sometimes, the faulty cartridge can cause the printer to stop printing and turning on. If the ink cartridge of the printer isn’t original or has low ink, several printing errors come on our way. So, buy new cartridges and install them on the printer carefully. You can take assistance from the hardware expert if you find that you are unable to install cartridges correctly.

Sol 7. Start Cleaning Your Brother Printer

If your printer still says “Brother printer won’t turn on”, clean the printer by removing the dust accumulated inside it.

Before start cleaning the printer, make sure you have got a neat and soft cloth sightly wet with warm water.

Besides this, power off the printer and remove the printhead and ink cartridges meticulously.

Now, remove all the dust using this soft wet cloth and leave the printer ideal for a few hours. After that, install the print head and ink cartridges back into the printer.

Sol 8. Contact Brother Support Team

Obviously, you can contact Brother’s customer support team if none of the solutions mentioned above was helpful to you.

With the guidance of the problem, you will soon be able to get rid of your Brother printer problem.

If you want to acquire more details regarding Brother printer support, we recommend you to visit Brother’s official site.

Here on the site, you will get more details about the Brother printer support team.


The above solutions must have been helpful to fix the “Brother printer won’t turn on” issue. However, the support team of the Brother Printer will give provide you with further guidance if the problem isn’t solved.