Brother Printer IP Address

Brother Printer IP Address – Discover On Windows & Mac

“Brother Printer IP address” is a collection of unique numbers allotted to the printer in the network. Users may require connecting their printing device to a network so that multiple computers give print commands to the printer for ease of the task. To identify the device in the network, internet protocol or IP address plays a crucial role. Apart from offering straightforward printing features for desired output, Brother Printers also let users experience amazing wireless connectivity.

When your printer is connected to a network and you don’t have its IP address, it will be impossible for you to give print commands. However, once you have the IP address of your printer, you can easily troubleshoot errors and give commands.

If you are unable to find the IP address of your printer, you must follow the simple steps given below.

More Fruitful Facts on Brother Printer IP Address

If you are using a Brother printer with a display panel or Ethernet port, then, it will be easy for you to find its IP address. For this, you will have to go to the “Menu” of your printer.

Now, under the “Settings” option, you can easily find the IP address of your Brother printer.

However, if your printer does not have a display, you will have to connect your printing device to the computer. After that, you can easily discover your printer IP.

How to Find Brother Printer IP Address?

If you want to know how to find my brother’s printer IP address, check the steps below for both Windows and Mac.

For Windows

  • Once you connect your Brother printer to your PC, go to the “Control Panel” by clicking on the Start button.
  • Thereafter, under the “Hardware and Sound” category, find and click on the “Devices and Printers” option.
  • After this, you need to choose your device from the available list of printers.
  • Now, after choosing your printer, right-click on it and go to the “Properties” option.
  • After the window of the property open, go to the “General” tab and find the “Location” field.
  • Lastly, on the right side of the location field, there will display your Brother printer’s IP address.

For Mac

  • First of all, ensure your device is turned
  • Then, go to the “System Preferences” of the Mac device.
  • After that, there will be an available “Print & Fax” You need to simply click on that option and move forward.
  • Hereafter, select your printer device and make sure you have chosen the correct device by confirming the model number and name of the printer.
  • Simply, right-click on your printer and choose “Options & Supplies”
  • Afterward, you will see the IP address of the Brother printer.

Final Words

We hope that you have learned how to find the IP address of your Brother Printer through this blog. However, Brother Printer support is always available for you to answer your queries regarding the same.